Not for Profit Accounting Centennial

SFH Bookkeeping provides expert bookkeeping and financial planning services to not-for-profit organizations. Our team recognizes that accounting in the non-profit world differs from accounting for private companies. We are trained in the not-for-profit accounting industry and understand grant accounting, restricted net assets and a statement of functional expense plus the many more differences that are important to your organization. ​

We provide: Consultation services, including a full review of your current accounting system

Develop direct relationships with partners directly related to your business, whether that is grant managers, government reporting agencies or local agencies that require reporting

Provide monthly bookkeeping services for all your accounts. All data is up to date and reconciled monthly to provide you with accurate financial reporting.

Recognize the correct allocation and function of expense at the time is happens to streamline the statement of functional expense needed for your 990.

Monthly financial reporting tailored to your needs.

Provide any required government or grant reporting when due as defined by your specific required reports.

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