Bookkeeping for Real Estate Company Centennial

SFH Bookkeeping provides expert bookkeeping and financial planning services to realtors, brokers, developers, property managers and real estate companies.  Our team can help you with basic bookkeeping services, getting set up with the right bookkeeping software for your business, rehab and renovation projects, rental projects, budgets and forecasting and even clean up projects for those who have been in business for some time and are a bit behind in the accounting process. 


Consultation services, including a full review of your current accounting system Develop relationships with partners directly related to your business, whether that is property management firms, title companies or construction companies handling the bulk of your renovations Provide monthly bookkeeping services for all your bank accounts, credit cards, LOC accounts and mortgage accounts.  All data is up to date and reconciled monthly to provide you with accurate financial reporting. Monthly financial reporting tailored to your needs.  We recognize that a standard P&L or Balance sheet does not often provide all the information you need to run your business so we tailor reports to give you the details you need.

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